About Raptor Rubs

Rachael The Rubmaker


Raptor Naturals Herb & Spice Rubs add quick and healthy flavours to your everyday dinners. Crafted in NZ since 2006 using only the best quality, freshly ground spices, herbs and gourmet ingredients. All-natural: No hidden nasties, No MSG and Gluten Free. Our unique, vegan-friendly blends are super easy to use!

Hi, I'm Rachael. Just your typical busy Mum; juggling, work, home and family life and always on the lookout for quick and healthy dinner ideas that must also pass the 'yum test'. Like most Kiwi kids of the 80s, dinners were generally a fairly bland variation on 'meat & 3 vege' and the most exciting flavour might be a pinch of mixed herbs from the dusty little supermarket boxes. However, once I grew up, travelled a bit and discovered the incredible cuisine from around the globe my palette was excited by a whole new world of vibrant tastes that launched my passion for great tasting food.

I know it's often a struggle to find meal flavourings that aren't secretly packed with variations of MSG, preservatives and artificial additives. My rubs are all completely natural - I won't compromise by adding cheap fillers or flavour enhancers. We use freeze-dried fruit and vegetables instead of artificial additives. We grind all the spices, berries and seeds fresh before every batch so you get the greatest, flavoursome aromas at home. We use only the best quality gourmet ingredients any chef or foodie would be proud of but easy enough for ANYONE to create deliciously quick meals.

I think it's really important to be able to cook good meals and it's a skill not always passed down to the next generation. So cooking has to be easy. And of course, taste good. My teenage daughter enjoys using her all time fave Herbes Chicken Rub, my nephews love our Cowboy Steak Rub and my Aunty never roasts without a sprinkle of our Lamb & Vegetable Rub.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing Raptor Rubs help ease the stress for busy parents of the everyday 'What's for dinner?' dilemma. Especially when they can encourage even fussiest eater in the family to eat the meat and vegies that they previously wouldn't touch! 

We love getting your feedback and seeing the tasty meals created by our happy customers. We'll regularly post delicious recipes for inspiration but honestly, our rubs are so easy to use you don't need a recipe – just oil, rub and cook!

Happy cooking!

Rachael (The Rubmaker)