Covid-19 has hit a lot of Kiwi’s hard, and it wasn’t till be saw one of our neighbours catching the bus, and got chatting to her, it really struck us how deep the virus had hit and how it was really having a major impact on peoples lives.

Our neighbour had lost her job, thru Covid-19 redundancy, her brother had just passed away and being the only family member was responsible for the funeral expenses, and was really struggling to put food on the table, and while we donated some money and helped with dinners for the family and help make connections for the help required, we knew that she was not the only Kiwi finding it hard and wanted to help in some small way. 

We're normally known for savoury seasonings, so we came up with something different, something with the aim to make people smile, and help ensure some families can have a slightly brighter Christmas this year who other wise might go without. For us Christmas was all about food, and my favourite treat was always the Pav, so how about a Dessert seasoning!

We enlisted the help of some other Kiwi’s who like to help other people, Mike Puru, Stacey Morrison and Anika Moa from the Hits, and with some input from their listeners from around the country have created the yummiest thing you could put on your pav ever! 


Some wonderful small businesses have joined Raptor Naturals to bring this creation to life, the Seasoning features, Hokey Pokey Chocolate from Devonport Chocolates, Spicy Ginger Bites from Pure Delish, Strawberries, Raspberries and Pineapple from Fresh AS, Gold Kiwifruit from NZ Apple Products, and Organic Blackcurrants from Viberi. 

All these ingredients have been combined by Raptor Naturals rub maker Rachael to create, a delicious, uniquely kiwi, innovative NZ first Desert Seasoning and what better place to launch this product than out the Auckland Food Show, delayed into November because of Covid alert level restrictions, a place that really shows how lucky we are to able to get out and about with others and explore the wonders of food and everything it offers in our daily lives. 

How Are We Going To Help?

All profits from the Silly Seasoning will go to Kids Can, who have said there is more need than ever, and who will be helping Kiwi Kids in need this Christmas. The Silly Seasoning will be sold at the Auckland Food Show, and thru Mitre 10 New Zealand wide. 

Stacy Morrison, Mike Puru and Anika Moa will be sampling the Silly Seasoning with the help of Cowells Pavlova’s and Tatua Dairy Whip at the Raptor Naturals stand on Thursday at 1:30pm 19th November  at the Auckland Food Show, ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane Auckland.